Navigation Aids, Equipment and Simulator Training – Operational Level – NAEST (O)

The NAEST (O) course is designed to provide candidates with the skills to maintain safe navigation through effective use of electronic navigation systems.

NAEST training is a mandatory requirement for all MCA Certificates of Competency above OOW 500GT inclusive.

Pre- Course Requirements

There are no formal requirements for an operational NAEST course but candidates should be up to date with chartwork and IRPCS.

Course Content

  • Voyage planning, navigation and execution
  • Electronic navigation systems
  • Using information from electronic systems
  • Radar, ARPA, AIS
  • ECDIS – Generic and Transas Type Specific
  • Introduction to Search and Rescue.
  • Bridge management, watchkeeping and teamwork

Course Delivery

The NAEST(operational) course makes extensive use of the full bridge simulator and takes place over 5 weeks as follows;

Weeks 1 & 2 – Navigation, Radar and Simulation

Weeks 3 & 4 – Further simulator training and high level exercises

Week 5 – ECDIS (Generic and Transas Type Specific)


Assessment and Certification

The ECDIS component of the course is assessed by way of a written examination and successful candidates will receive ECDIS Generic and Transas Type Specific certification.

The NAEST element is continuously assessed through simulator exercises with a final written examination.

Successful candidates will be awarded the STCW NAEST (O) certificate.

Bridge Simulator - NAEST (O) Training Course

Course Cost

Course Fee (Inc. VAT) £3600

Course Duration

5 Weeks

Includes ECDIS

Approved By

MCA Approved Operational NAEST Training

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