Master 3000 GT

There are two Chief Mate 3000 GT CoC's available, Specified Trading Area and Unlimited Area.

Master 3000 GT, Specified Trading Area

A Specified Trading Area will be defined by your local MCA office.

To qualify for this CoC you need to meet the following criteria:

Hold a Master 500 GT, Near Coastal CoC

You must have completed 12 months' watchkeeping service in the specified area in which you will be operating whilst holding your Master 500 GT or OOW 500 GT Near Coastal CoC

Pass MCA Oral Examination H (Syllabus here)

As long as you have completed your sea service and have your ENG1 you can apply for a Notice of Eligibility (NOE) using form MSF 4274. You need not have completed all your training to do this but you will have to complete everything before you apply for your oral exam date. Once you have your exam date you can apply for an Oral exam prep course.

Master 3000 GT, Unlimited Area

To upgrade to a Master 3000 GT, Unlimited Area CoC is straightforward.

Firstly, you must hold a Chief Mate Unlimited CoC to demonstrate that you have completed all the appropriate education and training.

Secondly, you need to demonstrate 36 months' watchkeeping sercice whilst holding your OOW Unlimited. This can be reduced to 24 months if 12 months of this service has been served in the capacity of Chief Mate whilst holding the Chief Mate Unlimited CoC.

There is no direct upgrade path from Chief Mate 3000 GT, Unlimted Area to Master 3000 GT, Unlimited Area. You will need to complete the Chief Mate Unlimited CoC to ensure that you meet all the education and training requirements.


Master 3000 GT - Further Information

Master 3000

The information provided on this page is, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of writing. Regulations are, however, updated by the MCA on a regular basis and requirements change accordingly. Whilst we do our best to keep as up to date as possible, the full details of the requirements for the Master 3000 GT CoC's are included in the relevant M-Notices, which are listed below.

MSN 1856

MSF 4274

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