Stability Awareness

The Seafish Stability Awareness course aims to increase the awareness of vessel stability and improve vessel safety standards in the Fishing industry.

The Under 16.5m Skipper’s Ticket requirement include two 1 day courses on stability awareness entitled Stability Awareness for Experienced Fishermen (formerly Intermediate Stability) and Advanced Stability Awareness. From 1st Jan 2018, all fishermen will be required to complete both courses.

Pre- Course Requirements

Candidates must be currently working as a commercial fisherman and be able to prove 18 months sea time.

You must hold all the Seafish Authority mandatory basic safety courses (Sea Survival, Fire Fighting ,First Aid, Health and Safety at Sea and Safety Awareness).

Course Content

• Why vessels float
• Understand the factors that affect vessel stability
• The movement of liquids (free surface effect)
• Understand how vessels behave in a seaway and how this influences stability
• Basic stability terms
• Equilibrium
• Effect of the movement of weights on stability
• Hauling gear and landing catch
• Weathertight and watertight integrity
• General stability guidance

Course Delivery

The course consists of lectures, films and demonstrations.

Assessment and Certification

There is a short written assessment at the end of the course. Successful candidates will be awarded the Seafish Stability Awareness Certificate.

Stability Awareness Course Dates


Course Cost

The course is currently free to commercial fishermen with all the required safety courses.


Course Duration

1 Day

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