STCW – Personal Survival Techniques / Refresher Training (Sea Survival)

The Personal Survival Techniques course forms part of the mandatory basic safety training for all seafarers. Also, Seafarers who hold an existing personal survival techniques (PST) certificate are required to complete this updating training course to maintain proficiency under the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments (STCW Section A-VI/1 & table A-VI/1-1).

The purpose of this STCW sea survival training is to provide the essential knowledge and experience of personal survival principles to maximise the chances of survival in the event of an emergency, including practical training in the use of life jackets and inflatable life rafts. 

Pre- Course Requirements

Candidates must be over 16 and must have a basic level of fitness in order complete the practical pool drills.

Course Content

The course will include;

  • Types of emergency situations such as collision, fire, sinking
  • Types of life-saving appliances normally carried on ships
  • Equipment in survival craft
  • Location of personal life-saving appliances
  • Principles concerning survival at sea.

The practical instruction will include;

  • Donning a life jacket
  • Donning and use of an immersion suit
  • Safely jumping from a height into the water
  • Righting an inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket
  • Swimming while wearing a life jacket and keeping afloat
  • Boarding a liferaft from the ship or the water while wearing a life jacket
  • Taking initial actions on boarding a liferaft to enhance chance of survival
  • Streaming a drogue or sea anchor
  • Bringing aboard an injured person
  • A Group survival exercise.

Course Delivery

The course consists of lectures, films and demonstrations, including a 2 hour practical session in the diving pool at Plymouth Life Centre.

Candidates will get wet and are asked to pay attention to the list of kit to bring along which is provided in the joining instructions.

Assessment and Certification

On completion of the course you will receive the Personal Survival Techniques STCW A-VI/1-1 certificate.



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STCW95 Sea Survival - Personal Survival Techniques Training Course

Course Cost

Course Fee (Inc. VAT) £120


Course Duration

1 Day - 0900 - 1700

Approved By

MCA Approved STCW Sea Survival Training

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