Deck Officer - Class 2 – Fishing

This course prepares candidates to sit the written and oral examinations required to obtain a Deck Officer (Fishing Vessel) Class 2 Certificate of Competency from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Holders of this certificate are qualified to command a UK registered fishing vessel less than 30 metres in length in the “limited area” around the UK, or to act as a mate (deck officer) on any UK registered fishing vessel inside or outside the "limited area".

The course runs in 2 six week blocks, with 2 exams taken at the end of each block, there is a 6 week break between the 2 modules.

The MCA SQA Exam fees cost an additional £220 per exam, Once booked with the MCA this payment is non refundable.

Please note: Anyone interested in attending this course must contact Hazel Bennett.

Pre- Course Requirements

MCA Notice of Eligibility. The application form can be downhloaded here


You must have 3 years’ experience on-board a fishing boat (1000 days). At least half of this must be in a fishing boat over 12.5m So you need about 5 years’ sea time.

You must have your eyes tested for colour blindness using the MCA application form and pass this test before attending the course. If you are colour blind you cannot hold a Class 2 Ticket.

NOTE: From 2017 you will need a Deck Officer (Fishing Vessel) Class 2 Certificate of Competency, or another appropriate Officer of the Watch qualification, to stand a watch on a fishing vessel over 24 metres in length (the previous 5-Day Bridge Watch-keeping Certificate will no longer be accepted).

Course Content

This course prepares you for the SQA written exams for Deck Officer, Class 2 (Fishing). There are 4 written examinations which have to be passed before you can sit your Orals examinations with the MCA. The course will be held in Plymouth. 

  • Navigation
  • Chartwork & Pilotage
  • Meteorology
  • Safety & Management (Including Ship Stability)
  • MCA Signals


Course cost is £5,280 in total including VAT. This must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Exam Fees - in addition to the course fee the SQA exam fees are £250 per exam and must be paid for at the time of registering for each exam. This payment is non refundable. 

Funding -

Seafish currently has funding through the EU which will Refund your payment for the Class 2 course. This funding ends at the end of March 2020.

In Additon candidates will also be required to complete the following short courses (if they have not already done so):

Course Delivery

Classroom teaching is followed by multiple practical sessions to consolidate the skills and procedures taught to achieve the required standard.

Assessment and Certification

SQA Written examinations and MCA Oral Board.

Deck Officer - Fishing - Class 2 Course Dates

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. if you would like further information about the course or to discuss future course dates then please phone us on 01752 770589

Fishing Boat - Class 2 Deck Officer Training Course

Course Cost


Exam Fee £250 per exam (Additional cost not included in the course fee)

Exam fees are Non Refundable

Resit Exam fees and Invigilation £250

Course Duration

2 six week blocks, total of 12 Weeks 

Approved By

MCA Approved Fishing Deck Officer Class 2


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